Review: Four and 1/2 Stars for Claroscuro

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Thursday August 16, 2012


Anat Cohen ‘” Claroscuro ‘” Anzic Records ANZ-0040, 67:04 ****½
By: Jeff Krow

If you look up eclectic saxophone and clarinet players on Wikipedia, I wouldn’t be surprised if the name and photo of Israeli musician, Anat Cohen didn’t show up. Anat has been everywhere in the last 5-10 years. After settling in New York City, she has been super busy. Along with playing along side her two brothers, soprano saxophonist Yuval, and trumpeter, Avishai in the 3 Cohens, Anat is active in the traditional Brazilian ‘choro’ music scene. She is an avid Klezmer musician as well as playing as a soloist for orchestras. Playing in big bands, and as a first call clarinetist keeps her on the road constantly.

On her new Anzic release, Claroscuro, Cohen has the able services of Paquito D’Rivera to accompany her on clarinet. Master trombonist, Wycliffe Gordon sings on ‘La Vie En Rose, and adds to the entrancing mood of Dr. Lonnie Smith’s ‘And the World Weeps.’

In addition, Anat incorporates more Brazilian rhythms on four tracks, and rounds out the CD with selections from Artie Shaw and Abdullah Ibrahim.

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