Joshua Redman Headlines Village Vanguard

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Monday April 16, 2012

From NY Daily News

Saxophonist Joshua Redman headlining New York’s Village Vanguard for first time since 2008
By: Greg Thomas

Jazz is like a blue chip stock, with consistent creativity in times good and bad, a long-term value that rewards with dividends of satisfaction. The truth of this metaphor is clearly evident in the artistry of Joshua Redman, rightfully acclaimed as one of the best saxophonists to arrive on the jazz scene in the last 20 years.

Of late, he has been focusing on small group projects: duets with Brad Mehldau, trios, and quartet dates with an ensemble called James Farm. Upcoming is a European tour with The Bad Plus, and dates in Russia and Paris with a new group, the Axis Sax Quartet, featuring Redman with peers Chris Potter, Mark Turner and Chris Cheek.

For the first time since 2008, he’s headlining at the Village Vanguard, a jazz shrine of worldwide repute. He last performed there right before recording his last CD, ‘Compass,’ which featured him in trio groupings. The trio this week has Matt Penman on bass and Gregory Hutchinson on drums.

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