Cherish The Ladies: Rekindling The Glow

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Thursday March 01, 2012

From The Hamilton Spectator

Cherish The Ladies: Rekindling The Glow
By: Leonard Turnevicius

‘A glowing ember is easily rekindled,’ says an Irish proverb as old as the mist and older by two.

This Saturday, the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra will be rekindling some glowing embers when it brings back a few familiar faces for a Celtic-themed pops concert in Hamilton Place.

Back by popular demand is the U.S.-based Celtic ensemble Cherish the Ladies, who last played and danced up a storm here in May 2008.

So, if you missed flutist Joanie Madden and the gals the first time around, here’s your opportunity to give them a listen. And if you liked them back then, there’s no reason you won’t like them now.

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