Cherishing the Ladies at City Winery

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Friday February 03, 2012

From the Irish Examiner

Cherishing The Ladies On The High Seas
By: Gwen Orel

So much in demand are Cherish around the world that although they are largely hometown girls, they don’t play in Manhattan that often.

Sure you see them there-Joanie’s often appearing at 11th Street Bar’s session at 3am, livening it up.

When I saw Maura O’Connell at City Winery, I was alone – my friend had something come up – and Joanie waved me over.

City Winery, says Joanie, has taken the place of the Bottom Line – a comfortable, friendly place to see music (it also has, naturally, great wine, and good food)…

…The band started not too far from City Winery, on Varick Street, on Spring Street.

Their most recent album, Country Crossroads, celebrates 25 years, though on January 5 they celebrated their 27th anniversary.

“It’s a long way, a lot of miles and a lot of gigs, but we’re still having fun. And it’s always great to play a hometown show.”

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