Son of Jazz Scene Inspires a Conversation

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Monday January 16, 2012


Son of jazz scene inspires a conversation

Free will makes such a meal of life. With hindsight, it would have been easier for Joshua Redman to succumb to the forces of destiny and genetics and follow his legendary father into the jazz saxophone caper.

But first, what to do with those pesky high honours from Harvard? The Berkeley-born graduate’s early ’90s trip to New York was meant to occupy a gap year until a rapturous reception in the city’s jazz underground tilted the rudder of his life.
‘‘I tend to have a hard time making choices,’‘ he says with a laugh. ‘‘I like to have options. I’m one of those people who take forever to order in a restaurant.’‘

Even when he recorded his (promptly Grammy-nominated) debut album of 1993, ‘‘I was really only committed to that moment’‘, he says. ‘‘I was committed to not going to law school for a little while. I guess the life commitment part I just eased into, somewhat unconsciously.’

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