James Farm's "Polliwog" on NPR's Top 100

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Thursday December 15, 2011

From NPR Music

NPR Music’s 100 Favorite Songs Of 2011
By: NPR Music Staff

This year, we couldn’t sit still. Shoving a flailing ear bud into place while running for the train, flitting through Spotify playlists from passionate fans of every genre or trying to top each other on’“this is how we approach listening to music now. At an alarming rate it floods our inboxes, blogs and record stores, pervasive yet more accessible than ever. Under the deluge there are songs that stand out, beg for repeat listens and eventually settle seamlessly into our lives…

…There’s no way this list could include everything we liked, and it’s probable we’ve left off a song that meant something to you. We hope you’ll share your favorites of 2011 in the comments or tweet us @nprmusic.

Among the cross-genre top 100 list, NPR Music includes:

James Farm, “Polliwog”
An instrumental with more engaging, rollicking episodes than most sitcoms out there today.

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