Cherish The Ladies Hits "Crossroads" in Nashville

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Thursday November 03, 2011

From The Rochester Post-Bulletin

Group Hits “Crossroads” in Nashville
By: Tom Weber

History has not recorded that Irish immigrants made Nashville, Tenn., one of their first destinations.

But Joanie Madden and the women of the Irish music band Cherish the Ladies, who perform Nov. 11 at Mayo Civic Center, have made up for that shortcoming.

The band recorded its latest album, “Country Crossroads,” in Nashville, assisted by country music luminaries such as Vince Gill, Dennis Crouch, Rob Ickes and songwriter supreme Nanci Griffith.

“I’d love to tell you we sat down and this was the plan,” said Madden, her Bronx accent, which comes in gusts, barely leavened by years of playing Irish music.

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