REVIEW: James Farm "Is A Band Possessed"

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Wednesday October 05, 2011

From Seattlest

Review: James Farm Project
By: Michael Nank

Last week we gave a shout out to keyboardist, and Seattle native, Aaron Parks and pointed you in the direction of Jazz Alley to go hear the James Farm Project. As we often do, we took our own advice and headed down and caught the final set of their three-night stand.

All we can say is that this is a band possessed.

Before the band took the stage it was clear by the energy of the near-capacity crowd that this was going to be a set not to forget. Even Joshua Redman, who heads up the James Farm Project, foretold what we were all in for as he waited for the welcoming applause to die down, looked over the crowd with a knowing grin and exclaimed, ‘this is the biggest and the best audience we’ve had during this run‘┬Žand the two don’t always go together.’

The group wasted no time as they eased right into Coax, a piece written by bassist Matt Penman. Having been playing together since 2009, it was clear that the James Farm Project had settled into themselves; their interactions were nuanced and restrained – yet they had no trouble kicking it up to a fevered pitch at a moment’s notice only to bring it back down again just in time for the finish.

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