Joshua Redman Explores "Music of the Moment"

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Wednesday September 14, 2011

From The Oakland Examiner

Joshua Redman finds fresh ways to explore ‘music of the moment’
By: Brian McCoy

‘The concept behind it is the same concept that’s, hopefully, behind all the bands that we do ‘” to play good creative music. I try to put as much creativity and emotion into whatever project I’m doing.’

Joshua Redman said that to me in a 2003 interview regarding his then-current Elastic Band. The sentiment, however, is likely just as applicable to the East Bay-raised saxophonist’s current group, James Farm.

That ensemble ‘” Aaron Parks (piano), Matt Penman (bass) and Eric Harland (drums) ‘” came together in 2009 and released its self-titled debut this past spring. On Saturday night, the group makes it Monterey Jazz Festival debut; Redman also serves as this year’s Artist-In-Residence.
If there is any truth to history repeating itself, Monterey audiences should entertain great expectations regarding James Farm’s set. After all, the Elastic Band’s 2002 Monterey gig was a ‘masterful, ingratiating performance that grooved from the first note to the last,’ I wrote at the time. ‘The band exited to a standing ovation.’

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