REVIEW: James Farm - "All for One"

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Thursday April 28, 2011


The latest Joshua Redman album relies on the force and presence of a new co-operative quartet that goes by the name of James Farm rather than the strength of Redman’s personality on its own. With Aaron Parks, Matt Penman and Eric Harland the album draws out a rich melodic seam of group inventiveness that marks the latest more inclusive twist in Redman’s remarkable career. Interview; Robert Shore

Really classy contemporary jazz outfits like James Farm ‘” plugged in to the Great Tradition but with ears wide open to the best music being made in other genres (you name it: rock, soul, classical, electronica) ‘” don’t come along all that often, so it’s hardly surprising that journalists have been touting the group as ‘one of those rare breakthrough bands ‘” Miles and Brubeck did it long ago ‘” that appeals to a significant audience beyond the jazz audience’ since their debut performance at the Montreal Jazz Festival in 2009.

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