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Tuesday October 05, 2010

From Spinner

Mohammed Alidu Takes the Talking (and Teaching) Drum Back Home to Ghana
By Steve Hochman

At his home in Boulder, Colo., Mohammed Alidu has a lot of packing to do. The practitioner of the West African talking drum is about to head out as a featured performer with the cast of worldwide buskers on the Playing for Change tour. Along the way he’ll be showcasing the talents that fuel ‘Land of Fire,” the new exuberant omni-Afrobeat album he made accompanied by his band the Bizung Family.

And almost immediately after finishing that trek, he’s got a longer journey booked: He’s moving back to Ghana, his home country, which he left in 1999, living in London, Madagascar and the US in the years since.

The most valuable item he’s taking back with him, though, is already packed.

“The education I got,” he says.

It’s an education, he notes, that he “never paid for” – lessons learned from the many people he’s met and worked with along the way, lessons in music and in life.

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