Finding New Adventures

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Wednesday April 14, 2021

Joe Lovano: Finding New Adventures

Joe Lovano: Finding New Adventures The loss of gig and the accompanying income stream, caused by the insidious and evil coronavirus, has hurt musicians across all genres. It has separated them from friends and band mates, from projects and from going to special places'"physically and artistically. Coping with it is the order of the day. It has created some dark moments and also shed light on the characteristic of resiliency that dwells in the human spirit. Creativity, the hallmark of jazz, has kept many music makers afloat. Some are treading water and looking around for a ship on the horizon on which they can eventually climb aboard. Others have found comfort on their own islands, close to their families, where they continue to stoke the fire of their imaginations'"studying, composing, taking stock and reflecting. For saxophonist extraordinaire Joe Lovano, it has meant many things. Read more at All About Jazz