Queens of Drum Solos

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Wednesday March 18, 2020

From Drum Magazine

Technique Focus: 3 Queens of Grooving Drum Solos
By: Amy Jayne

I’ve come to realize there are key ingredients to making the perfect, most delicious, rise-up-and-dance-the-night-away drum grooves and solos. And I’ve also come to realize that Emmanuelle Caplette, Terri Lyne Carrington, and Jordan West are the queens of this kingdom…

…As a jazz drummer, the signature piece of Terri Lyne Carrington’s kit are her cymbals. She plays Zildijan, usually the K series mixed with two or three Constantinoples. She also plays one of the most tightly tuned snares I’ve ever heard, which contrasts nicely with rim clicks and the lower tones of the toms. I’ve always been drawn to her technique, which creates thunderous waves of sound. There is something incredible about her use of dynamics and the way she applies ghosting, rudiments, and the use of each part of her kit with utter appreciation and awareness for every inch of its varied sounds. You can see this in the video above, as well as her smooth double-stroke rolls and snare accents. Her band is incredible here, but I’d also be perfectly happy to just hear Carrington’s full sound on her own.

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