Dayme Arocena and Jazzmeia Horn both featured on NPR Music Staff Picks

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Wednesday December 18, 2019

From NPR Music

NPR Music Staff Picks: The Best Albums Of 2019

“Last week, we shared NPR Music’s best music of 2019 in the form of nearly two dozen lists our staff and contributors made collaboratively. Today we’re handing over more private treasures. The albums listed below are personal favorites from our staff, ranked from one to 10. The lists themselves are also presented in order of best to worst. Just kidding. They’re listed alphabetically by the list maker’s last name because every strict hierarchical ranking should include at least one element of utterly meaningless randomness.”

Dayme Arocena, Sonocardiogram appears on Felix Contreras and Stefanie Fernández Lists
. Jazzmeia Horn, Love and Liberation appears on Ann Powers List

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