Jazz Songs That Spoke Truth To Power In 2019

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Wednesday December 11, 2019

From NPR

11 Jazz Songs That Spoke Truth To Power In 2019

“Jazz musicians have always spoken their mind in the face of injustice: think of Louis Armstrong and Charles Mingus voicing two different, equally courageous responses to the fight over Little Rock school integration, or the searing power Billie Holiday brought to “Strange Fruit” (and the price she paid).

Well, in case you haven’t noticed, we’re in the midst of some interesting times, and artists from across jazz and the wider improvised-music spectrum have responded in kind, with music that tackles multiple issues with a range of tactics. What unites the stylistically varied tracks below ‘” all drawn from fine albums ‘” is the sensation of punching up, with indignation or sadness. These musicians may ultimately be preaching to the choir, but their aim is high and true, and their motives sincere.”

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