Jazzmeia Horn's 'Love and Liberation' is WRTI's Jazz Album of the Week

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Tuesday October 29, 2019

From WRTI 90.1

Jazz Album of the Week: Singer and Composer Jazzmeia Horn’s Gets Personal with Love and Liberation

“October 28, 2019. While the rest of us wonder how someone named Jazzmeia Horn becomes a musician who actually lives up to such a name, all Ms. Horn does is win awards, tour, and make hit records. Love and Liberation is the follow up to her Grammy-nominated debut, 2017’s A Social Call. And while A Social Call was clearly a massive hit, Horn’s sophomore effort is a lot more personal.

On A Social Call, Horn covered vocalists ranging in style from Betty Carter to Mary J. Blige and did so with panache. But here, though there are some well-placed covers, including a particularly great rendition of Erykah Badu’s ‘Green Eyes,’ the story is Horn’s eight original compositions.

‘Free Your Mind,’ Love and Liberation’s opener, is one of these originals. The lyrics carry a timely message urging listeners to make their lives simpler, to move past petty preoccupations in order to find their truest selves. Forest through the trees type of thing. Easier said than done, Ms. Horn. Although a sustained regimen of Jazzmeia might just hasten a shift in perspective”

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