Everything is Adding Up for The Bad Plus

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Thursday October 24, 2019

The Boston Globe

Everything is adding up for the Bad Plus
By Bill Beuttler

“Reminded that it had been nearly two years since Orrin Evans replaced original pianist Ethan Iverson in the collaborative trio the Bad Plus, bassist Reid Anderson replies with a chuckle, ‘Yeah, gosh. Time flies.’

The reconstituted and re-energized Bad Plus ‘” Anderson, Evans, and drummer Dave King ‘” will celebrate the release on Friday of ‘Activate Infinity,’ their second album as a band, with four sets this weekend at Scullers.

They’ve been keeping busy separately as well, with Evans and King both on the West Coast a couple of weeks ago ‘” Evans leading a new trio with bassist Luques Curtis and drummer Jeff ‘Tain’ Watts, King and bassist Jorge Roeder backing guitarist Julian Lage, as they had on Lage’s trio album from earlier this year, ‘Love Hurts.”“

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