Daymé Arocena's 'Sonocardiogram' Is A Soulful Tribute To Love And Santería

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Sunday August 18, 2019

From NPR Latino USA

Daymé Arocena’s ‘Sonocardiogram’ Is A Soulful Tribute To Love And Santería

“Daymé Arocena’s voice is one of the most powerful and captivating on the scene. With vocals that are hypnotizing and a vibrating confidence that radiates across the stage, the Cuban jazz artist has captured the souls of those tuning into her music. This month, she dropped her album Sonocardiogram, where she bares her heart for listeners with a celebration of love and santería.

‘This record’s intention isn’t to make people happy, it’s very intimate,’ Arocena told Latino USA, ‘I know that what I share in that record are feelings that can be shared by many. They’re very intimate concepts, but also universal.’

The album, produced by Arocena and her Havana-based band, is a dive into Afro-Cuban jazz, starting with three songs dedicated to the santería goddesses Oyá, Oshún and Yemayá, before turning to themes of love. The genre is tinted with nostalgia, and Arocena leans into its spontaneity’“recording in an unconventional studio in order to stay true to jazz’ live-stage essence.”

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