Jazzmeia Horn Expresses Herself Fully

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Tuesday September 03, 2019

From Jazziz

All of Me: Jazzmeia Horn Expresses Herself Fully on Her Sophomore Recording

“Elegantly attired in a patterned blue-and-yellow gown and matching headscarf, a gold ankh dripping from each ear and another from around her left wrist, Jazzmeia Horn stood and delivered at the 2018 Grammy Awards ceremony. Perched atop chunky five-inch heels, the singer wisely stayed in one spot. Yet her performance of Bobby Timmons’ ‘Moanin’,’ with lyrics by cherished mentor Jon Hendricks, was anything but sedentary.
Horn’s expressive features registered joy and confidence as she dipped and swayed to the bluesy groove. The fingers of her left hand approximated a saxophone player’s, working imaginary valves on her microphone while she scatted gleefully and owned the name that appeared on the video screen behind her ‘” Jazz Horn. Even as she displayed impressive command of her instrument, the then-26-year-old singer brought an emotional intensity to her performance, as if she were testifying before the congregation of her grandfather’s church in Dallas.
Horn had worked hard for this moment. Her debut release, 2017’s Social Call, had been nominated for Best Jazz Vocal Album, and she was going to take full advantage of the worldwide stage it afforded her. Of course, making such a splash with your first recording begs the question: What do you do for a follow-up? In Horn’s case, that meant getting even more personal with her listeners on the set of mostly original songs that make up her sophomore release, Love and Liberation (Concord).”

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