The Strong Cuban Beats of Daymé Arocena

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Friday September 06, 2019

From The Associated Press

Daymé Arocena, the strong beats of Cuban jazz

“Born in 1992 in the midst of a deep crisis on the island, Arocena studied at an art school and graduated as a choir director before launching her own jazz projects, initially with a group of women and eventually as a soloist, in an ascending career that has taken him around the world.

Precisely this free institutional musical training that captures children from public primary schools _ if qualities are found, they are channeled to specialized training regardless of their social origin _ is one of the factors that the artist attributes to the enormous flow of musicians in the Island and its quality.

‘The Cuban musicians have a lot of creativity, an infinite imaginary, of the danzón, of the changüí, of the bolero, of the rumba, but when we thought about the ancestors there was a lot of talent, but there was no study,’ reflected the woman who usually appears on stage Headdress of beautiful turbans. ‘In my generation, musicians are graduates of artistic education, so beyond creativity, they have technique. Everything that goes through your mind can be done: if I want my fingers to move like this or make this scale … I can! ‘”

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