Daymé Arocena Opens a Window to Her Santerá Spirituality

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Monday July 22, 2019


Daymé Arocena Opens a Window to Her Santería Spirituality on ‘Trilogía’ EP

“Jazz singer and composer Daymé Arocena’s star has risen high since debuting in 2015 with her Havana Cultura Sessions EP, and she’s now ready to take her next step. The Cuban musician recently announced her upcoming album Sonocardiogram, out on September 6 through Brownswood Recordings, but before that, she compiled three songs from the album into an EP aptly called Trilogía, so we can get a taste of what’s coming.

Arocena has extensively explored her Santería spirituality on her music, and this is precisely the topic Trilogía is built around, as it comprises three movements are praises dedicated to the orishas they’re named after.

These compositions aren’t exactly new. Arocena wrote Trilogía when she was only 17 years old to participate in a music competition in Cuba. In an attempt to enrich her jazz and classical craft, she dug deep into old Afro-Cuban music, deeply rooted in religious drumming, and her connection was so strong, she ended up becoming a Santería practitioner. This means Trilogía represents both a musical and spiritual awakening for Arocena, and she has finally found the right time to share this work.”

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