Jazzmeia Horn to Release 2nd Album

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Saturday June 01, 2019

Jazzmeia Horn to Release 2nd Album ‘Love and Liberation’ on Aug. 23rd, 2019 | LISTEN to New Single ‘When I Say’!

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“Horn chose the title she did for her second album because, ‘Love and Liberation is a concept and mantra that I use consistently in my everyday life. For me the two go hand in hand and they both describe where I am in my life and career right now. An act of love is an act of liberation, and choosing to liberate’“oneself or another’“is an act of love.’

Love and Liberation, scheduled for release on August 23, 2019 via Concord Jazz, marks a formidable leap forward for Horn as a singer, bandleader and songwriter, the result of an almost non-stop touring schedule that followed the release of her debut album and which benefitted her vocal chops as well as her band sound. ‘I have evolved,’ she says. ‘It’s like I’m really understanding music in a different way.’

‘Once A Social Call was released in May of 2017, I hit the road and I am still on tour. The album literally came out two years ago. I’m really tired but grateful because I’ve had the opportunity to travel and practice and improvise night after night in a room full of people with some of the best musicians playing today. We’d experiment, using a trumpet player on a song one time and a saxophonist the next, or sometimes just drums and voice in the beginning of a song, trying out different combinations and ideas, challenging ourselves. This was worth more than gold to me’“understanding how to utilize my instruments: my voice, my body, the band that I’ve hired.’ “

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