Rudresh Mahanthappa brings Sony Rollins-inspired trio

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Tuesday June 11, 2019

From The Mercury News

Rudresh Mahanthappa brings Sony Rollins-inspired trio to San Jose, SF
By: Andrew Gilbert

“In 1957, Sonny Rollins established the saxophone, bass and drum trio as one of the essential formats in modern jazz on the strength of several classic albums. Particularly inspired by Rollins’ ‘A Night at the Village Vanguard’ (Blue Note), Rudresh Mahanthappa launched the new band Movable Mirror as a vehicle to explore the trio’s unfettered harmonic possibilities.

For bandmates, Mahanthappa, one of his generation’s most celebrated alto saxophonists, recruited creative collaborators strongly associated with (but not defined by) two of the era’s best known jazz bands. Dave King is the founding drummer of The Bad Plus, while Eric Revis has held down the bass chair in Branford Marsalis’ Quartet since 1999. Both men have also recorded and performed widely outside those popular bands.”

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