Concert Review: Danilo Pérez

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Thursday April 11, 2019

From The Trail

Concert Review: Jazz Orchestra featuring Danilo Pérez
By: Evan Welsh

“When you attend a concert, you always hope to see something more than just a concert; one hopes to have a unique experience, to be in the room for an event that’s singular. On April 5 in Schneebeck Hall, the Jazz Orchestra welcomed pianist Danilo Pérez and offered one of those unique experiences.

‘If we allow [Pérez’s music] in, it speaks far, far louder than words. What Danilo does is something very different than anything we’ve presented at this school before,’ Ian Crocker ’19, a member of the Jazz Orchestra, said.

Before Crocker gave his introduction, the orchestra opened the show with a performance of a Dizzy Gillespie piece, which felt like it fit within the group’s modus operandi. On a typical concert evening, the orchestra will perform a collection of mostly high-energy, swinging big-band jazz tunes.”

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