Brad Mehldau Wins Edison Award

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Thursday May 02, 2019


Brad Mehldau Wins Edison Award for “After Bach

“Congratulations to Brad Mehldau, who has won the Edison Award for Best International Jazz for his 2018 solo album, After Bach. The album pairs Mehldau’s recordings of four preludes and one fugue from J.S. Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier with an After Bach piece written by Mehldau and inspired by its WTC mate. “Mehldau’s interpretations of Bach’s compositions are in themselves a tribute to an underexposed quality of Bach,” says the citation, “namely that of a great improviser.”

The Edison Award is an annual Dutch music prize awarded for outstanding achievements in the music industry and is one of the oldest music awards in the world. The Edison Jazz / World awards will be presented in a ceremony and concert at LantarenVenster in Rotterdam on Sunday, July 7, as part of the North Sea Round Town, the fringe festival of North Sea Jazz Festival.”

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