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Thursday April 25, 2019

From All Music

Donna Grantis – Diamonds & Dynamite
By: Sean Westergaard

If you know Donna Grantis’ name, it’s probably because of her association with Prince. As a member of 3rdEyeGirl, she had the daunting task of being the second guitarist in Prince’s band. Diamonds & Dynamite is her debut album, but don’t expect a continuation of 3rdEyeGirl’s music. On the contrary, this album is a throwback to old-school fusion guitar albums like Blow by Blow and Wired, but often with denser rhythms out of the On the Corner book. She put together a great band with bass, drums, Rhodes/organ, and tabla (no, this is not an Indian/Jazz crossover album, she just has a tabla player in the band). The tunes are well-written with knotty unison sections of guitar/keys that open up for interaction and improvisation. The band has a fantastic sense of group dynamics, laying into a groove when it’s called for and laying back when appropriate.

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