Q&A with Regina Carter

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Thursday April 04, 2019

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Q&A with Regina Carter
By: Scott Haas

Regina Carter is back in town. The jazz violinist, who studied at New England Conservatory for two years in the early 1980s, returns to Scullers jazz club in Allston on Friday, April 5 for one show only at 8 p.m.

Banner: Why jazz?

Regina Carter: I grew up with European classical music. And my first teacher, who taught the Suzuki method, would often tell my mother that for me, as an African American, to get work in an orchestra … It isn’t going to happen. This was the ’60s. That was my dream. It wasn’t until I was at Cass Tech, in Detroit, where I grew up, that I first heard jazz – my best friend turned me on to jazz violinists. I thought, ‘You can do this with the violin?’ Jazz provided me with the opportunity to insert what I was feeling into the music. There’s a foundation to it, but you also get to interpret. That’s what jazz is to me – that’s what drew me to the music. That and the groove. More than European classical music.”

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