An Incomparable Cuban Powerhouse

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Tuesday April 02, 2019

From The Post and Courier

Eclectic Savannah Music Festival enters new phase after recent departures
By: Adam Parker

[…] I confess I can’t get Dayme Arocena out of my head. Youthful, short, stout, sensual, expressive, she commanded the Charles H. Morris Center on the second day of the festival, belting tunes that were an amalgam of traditional Cuban music and innovative, improvisational jazz, with complex rhythms undergirding the powerful aural experience. Coursing like blood through the music’s veins was Santeria, a synchretic Afro-Caribbean religion that combines Catholicism with Yoruba spirituality.

Robin Denselow of The Guardian called her “Cuba’s finest young female singer.” That seems about right.

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