Prince, Toronto and Improvisation

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Friday March 22, 2019

From Exclaim!

Ex-Prince Guitarist Donna Grantis Channels Prince, Toronto and Improvisation on New Album ‘Diamonds & Dynamite’
By: Ryan B Patrick

“Prince was and is an inspiration; there are so many things that I’ve learned from him that I really tried to apply to this new project,” says Donna Grantis of her debut solo album, Diamonds & Dynamite.

[…] Diamonds & Dynamite is the culmination of what Grantis learned from the legendary Prince and the level of guitar mastery and musicianship that she’s attained. The eight-track instrumental jazz album is a fusion of her love of rock, funk, soul and jam session-styled improvisation that working within the jazz genre facilitates. “In terms of improvisation and jamming, I learned how to listen and just play with an incredible amount of conviction. [Prince] was just a master bandleader and I’m really trying to apply a lot of those concepts to this new project.”

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