Rhythmic Precision and the Attack on your Notes

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Friday March 15, 2019

From MusicRadar

Donna Grantis: “It’s all about rhythmic precision and the attack on your notes – that’s one of the things Prince instilled in me”
By: Amit Sharma

‘I have such good memories of being in London,’ begins guitarist Donna Grantis. It would be fair to say those memories don’t really count as normal memories – instead of a few snaps by Big Ben before a rainy stroll down Oxford Street, the guitarist was performing guerrilla gigs across the capital in Prince’s 3rdeyegirl band for an eye-watering £10.

She joined the legendary musician in 2013 alongside drummer Hannah Welton and bassist Ida Nielsen, the trio performing on 2014’s Plectrumelectrum – Grantis herself writing its title track – and remaining in his band until his passing two years later. ‘I can’t wait to be back in London and perform my new music live,’ she adds.

Here, Donna looks back on her experience with one of music’s greatest icons and explains more about the sounds heard on her first solo full-length…

What was it like working so closely with one of the most visionary minds in music history?

‘Prince has influenced and inspired my playing so much. I learned a tremendous amount and it was such a gift to share the stage and learn from him. It was absolutely a musician’s dream to be in that environment at Paisley Park, jamming day in and day out.

‘We would often go in at two in the afternoon and stay to anywhere between midnight and 6am, during which we would transcribe new songs, run through the sets, record, play extended funk grooves for half an hour – having a blast because it felt so good to do that. When we were on stage rehearsing and learning material there, it was very focused.’

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