Chris Potter - 'Circuits'

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Tuesday February 19, 2019

From Something Else! Reviews

Chris Potter ‘” ‘Circuits’ (2019)
By: S. Victor Aaron

[…] Circuits is a sophisticated modern jazz piece that’s been electrified and funkified, as Potter is keeping well-developed compositions a high priority. Nonetheless, his wellspring of ideas that typically characterize his solos is the glaring peak of this tune, though the Francies and Harland solos that follow command attention, too. ‘Exclamation’ injects kinetic bop concepts into rock-jazz, held firmly to the ground by the taut Marthe/Harland rhythm section.

‘Queens Of Brooklyn’ is a well-placed downshift with a soprano sax, but Potter is also heard playing bass clarinet, flute and even guitar in a song that is more chamber jazz than the funky fusion found elsewhere. And at three and a half minutes, it just whizzes by. ‘Green Pastures’ has a pleasing spectral quality to it, thanks to Francies sprinkling soft Rhodes hues all over it.

It’s another directional change for the supremely talented Chris Potter, but with the same high mark of accomplishment and ingenuity that’s found on nearly all of his recordings. Circuits will drop on February 22, 2019 from Edition Records.

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