Artists to Watch in 2019

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Monday February 04, 2019

From Jazziz

The Shape of Jazz to Come: Artists to Watch in 2019
By: Brian Zimmerman

Jazz thrives on regeneration and invention, which means that each new year brings a new opportunity for artists to extend the tradition, challenge norms, make new connections and push the music into unforeseen territory.

Here are 19 artists we think will take jazz to new heights in 2019. Some have been on the scene for a while; others you should get to know. Young and visionary, they’re all linked by a desire to move the music forward, tugging the tradition along with them. Want to get a sense for where jazz is headed? Follow these players.

Michael Mayo (vocals)

In late 2018, vocalist Michael Mayo closed out a South American tour with Herbie Hancock, impressing international audiences with his towering vocal range, crystal-clear articulation and expert use of electronics (his solo version of Coltrane’s ‘Giant Steps,’ in which accompanies himself via vocal loops, is simply mind-boggling). He finished the year by releasing a video single, ’20/20,’ on which he applied his silk-lined voice in the service of a groove flavored by R&B and neo-soul. He’ll also have a track on the forthcoming Kneebody EP By Fire, due out in May on Edition records. Expect big things from this impeccable young vocalist.

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