Carrying The Torch of Jazz Fusion

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Thursday January 17, 2019

From Riff Magazine

Tuesday Tracks: Your Weekly New Music Discovery ‘” Jan. 22
By: Max Heilman

Donna Grantis, ‘Diamonds & Dynamite’ ‘” If Pat Metheny got high with King Crimson, the resulting jam session would likely sound an awful lot like guitarist Donna Grantis’s solo work. ‘Diamonds & Dynamite’ uses crunchy prog-rock riffs as a counterpoint to meditative improvisation and chaotic explosions. Her work with Prince during the latter part of his career is testament enough to her ability, but this music is a total sucker punch to modern music trends. Longwinded, virtuosic and spiritual, Grantis casts off the shackles of traditional structures without forsaking melody and good old-fashioned riffs. The drums and percussion mirror this nonchalant regard for tight execution, following her transitions from crushing dissonance to serene ambiance. Experiencing the full-length album of the same name may strand listeners in an alternate dimension.

Max’s Pick: Donna Grantis caught my interest with her outlandish sonics but won me over with her evident skill. ‘Diamonds & Dynamite’ isn’t just another free-rock exercise in boring self-aggrandizement. It’s an atmospheric, multifaceted voyage into truly magnificent realms of freakish soloing and infectious riffs. From the rhythm section’s simultaneous looseness and cohesion to the otherworldly melodic aura she generates with her own instrument, Grantis may well bear the torch of jazz fusion into the next decade.

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