REVIEW Brad Mehldau at Wigmore Hall

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Monday June 07, 2010

From The Telegraph
by Neil McCormick

Most jazz pianists have their ‘shtick’, the instantly recognisable fingerprint that allows you to say straight off: ‘Ah, yes, that’s Bud Powell.’ Brad Mehldau isn’t like that. He’s a pianist who has it all, technically speaking, and he also has a fabulously well-stocked brain that can mingle different musical traditions.

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From The Financial Times
by Mike Hobart

Brad Mehldau closed the opening season of his two-year curatorship of the Wigmore Hall’s first jazz series with a two-concert flourish. The jazz content of his duet with the formidably voiced Swedish mezzo-soprano Anne Sofie von Otter was more flavouring than main dish, as a romantic classical first set was balanced by a contemporary second half. But two days later, Mehldau’s solo piano recital delivered trenchant jazz, albeit with a composer’s logic.

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