LeVar Burton on Dianne Reeves

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Wednesday November 28, 2018


On his new podcast, LeVar Burton has it all: ‘A microphone, a good story, and my voice’
By: Jennifer Lynn

Many millennials grew up listening to actor LeVar Burton read them children’s stories on the PBS series ‘Reading Rainbow.’ Now, he hopes they’ll embrace him as grown-ups and tune into his podcast ‘LeVar Burton Reads,’ in which he reads short fiction stories he chooses himself. Burton has been taking the show on the road, reading stories to live audiences.

In your podcast you pepper in some music. When can it get in the way?

When it’s overused. You know, we try on the podcast to be really judicious with music cues. It’s more sound design that we’re interested in.

I read an interview I think from a public radio station in California speaking with you some time ago and you were the guest DJ and you’ve played some Jimi Hendrix and you played some Joni Mitchell. Oh, I know you played some Dianne Reeves.

Ah, yeah.


It’s an anthem of mine. Yeah, that song.

How’s that?

Well, she says in the song, ‘Sometimes you won’t understand why life is the way it is.’ But I believe she says that God and time are synonymous. And through time, God reveals all things, and I genuinely believe that. But she goes on to say, ‘Be still. Stand in love and pay attention.’ Be still because unless we spend some time in stillness, we’ll never be able to hear that inner voice that guides us. Standing in love is the only sane response that I have been able to discern for being human. And pay attention because if we’re not paying attention, we might miss something that’s critically important to our journey in life.

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