Jazzmeia Horn Takes Charge

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Wednesday October 31, 2018


Jazzmeia Horn Takes Charge
By: Abe Beeson

Riding a wave of excitement after the release of her debut album A Social Call from last year, Jazzmeia Horn sold out her Tuesday night Earshot Jazz Festival performance. Our studio audience was packed to catch her incredible talent and impressive band up close, and we’re honored to share that studio session with you.

Musically, Horn was raised in a Baptist church choir. She was put here by the Creator to make music, Horn told us, and it’s hard to argue that point. Her skills as a singer transcend standard jazz vocalists, Horn uses her voice as an instrumentalist would. Only she’s able to mimic a symphony with her impressive pipes, wailing like a sax or popping and cracking like a drummer.

[…] Live in the KNKX studios, we heard three unique interpretations of standards that showed many of Jazzmeia Horn’s many musical skills, but I’m most excited to hear her talk about her new album of (nearly all) original compositions due next Spring. Stay tuned!

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