Pérez, Cohen, Potter Quintet in Washington, D.C

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Wednesday October 10, 2018

From JazzTimes

Live Review: Pérez, Cohen, Potter Quintet in Washington, D.C.
By: Jackson Sinnenberg

How to play a chord that feels like Toni Morrison writing, ‘I didn’t fall in love with you, I rose in it’? How to play a melody with that feeling? These are the kinds of questions that Danilo Pérez, Avishai Cohen, and Chris Potter were mulling over in the leadup to the debut performance of their new quintet at the Library of Congress’ Coolidge Auditorium on Wednesday night (Oct. 10). With Larry Grenadier on bass and Nate Smith on drums, the group aims at musically reacting to the current moment’s social politics, to take the energy in the air and turn it into a sound.

The latest cultural barometric readings taken by Pérez, Cohen, and Potter caused them to turn away from standards and more prosaic compositional inspirations. They instead chose to ‘be inspired by women,’ as Pérez told the sold-out theater: specifically, great female wordsmiths of love, despair, and doubt like Maya Angelou and Israel’s Zelda (full name Zelda Schneurson Mishkovsky), contemporary literary star Jesamyn Ward, and energy/tech activist Sivan Ya’ari.

Overall, the group’s sound placed it somewhere between the impressionistic chamber jazz of ECM’s current roster (including Potter and Cohen) and the motivic sculpting of the Wayne Shorter Quartet. The musicians were building together, creating imprints of their subjects’ settings, reflecting characters, and trying to convey the emotional sweep of a novel in the length of a song.

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