Ben Wendel Seasons Band: An "All-Star" Quintet

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Tuesday October 09, 2018

From The New York Times

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By: Jon Pareles, Jon Caramanica, and Giovanni Russonello

A few years ago, the tenor saxophonist Ben Wendel made a video series called ‘The Seasons,’ performing a set of compositions dedicated to the 12 months, each performed with a different duet partner. On Friday he released these pieces on a standard LP, all performed by one all-star quintet. ‘October’ was originally done in duo with Gilad Hekselman, the guitarist. Hekselman was invited back as part of the quintet, and aside from Wendel’s pinched, effulgent sax, he is the song’s main driver. He makes crinkly textures, or eagerly doubles Matt Brewer’s bass ‘” then for a brief moment, he soars into a tantalizing solo flight. RUSSONELLO

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