Jazz Album of the Week: 'Seymour Reads the Constitution!'

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Wednesday September 26, 2018


Jazz Album of the Week: The Brad Mehldau Trio, Seymour Reads the Constitution!
By: Maureen Malloy

September 24, 2018. Jazz pianist, composer, and arranger Brad Mehldau is a known innovator. His ability to think outside-of-the-box while remaining true to jazz makes every release of his a pleasant surprise. Seymour Reads the Constitution! is no different. Speaking of outside-of-the-box, the title comes from a dream Mehldau had back in 2014, in which actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was stoically reading the U.S. Constitution to him, and the recitation was set to music. Mehldau awoke, and immediately wrote down the melody for later use. The track from which the title comes is a somber waltz, expertly led by drummer Jeff Ballard, and accompanied by bassist Larry Grenadier.

[…] As always, Brad’s original compositions are dynamic and technical. If you are a Brad Mehldau fan, Seymour Reads the Constitution! will not disappoint. If you aren’t familiar with his work, give this one a try. It will be refreshing, just like the title.

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