Jazzmeia Horn to Play Coltrane Jazz Fest

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Tuesday September 04, 2018

From Yes! Weekly

Jazzmeia Horn to play Coltrane Jazz Fest
By: John Adamian

It’s easy to think that some sort of predestination was involved. With a name like Jazzmeia Horn, one might assume that fate had chosen a musical path for her. And, in fact, Horn, a Texas-born jazz singer who lives in New York City, said music was her first language: she started singing before she could speak. Her mother told stories of Horn making low humming noises as a newborn. Given that everyone in her family either sang or played an instrument, musicality surrounded Horn. Her grandfather was a pastor, her grandmother played piano in the church services and her mother sang in the choir while her father played drums.

Horn said that it was only later in life that she realized her household was unusually rooted in song. ‘At Thanksgiving time,’ she said, ‘other people would usually talk about what they were grateful for, we would sing songs about being grateful.’ For a time, as a child, Horn thought that people who couldn’t sing or play an instrument had some sort of physical impairment or a problem that she was unable to understand.

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