Regina Carter, Jazz Violinist: In Her Own Words

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Wednesday August 22, 2018


Regina Carter, Jazz Violinist: In Her Own Words – Creative Strings Podcast Ep. 32
By: Christian Howes

A recipient of the MacArthur (AKA ‘genius’) Award, Regina Carter has had a profound impact both on the worlds of violin and jazz. It was my honor to sit down Regina for this rare, extensive, and candid interview. I’ve followed Regina’s music closely for for twenty years, and was delighted by how down to earth and honest she was willing to be while covering a lot of ground. For example, she addresses her beginnings as a jazz violinist, the transition to jazz from Suzuki/classical training, as well as how playing music for hospice patients has informed both how she derives meaning from music and connects with every audience.

In this interview, more topics covered include:

‘” The balance between approaching musicianship via theory vs ear, explaining how she personally finds this balance and offers encouragement to players desiring to communicate with soul.

‘” On early reactions from the classical teachers:

‘I had a quartet masterclass with Yehudi Menuhin‘¦ One of the other teachers said, ‘She wants to play jazz. She’s gonna ruin her career!’ And Yehudi just picked up his violin and played a little blues lick and said, ‘Leave her alone.’ I’ll never forget that! It was like God had spoken. And I just knew then‘¦ When the calling chooses you, you can’t ignore it.’

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