Danilo Pérez: Overcoming Boundaries

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Friday August 10, 2018

From Yamaha

Danilo Pérez: Overcoming boundaries and connecting through music

‘Music became an important tool against conflict, bringing hope to the world.’

Pérez first came in touch with the piano in his early childhood. Looking back, he states that he learned to see the world through the window of music from his father, a Panamanian musician. Inspiring a worldwide audience, the artist processes his impressions in his multifaceted and expressive compositions. Pérez feels at home both in small jazz-clubs and on the big stages of great concert halls. Wherever he is, he maintains close contact to his audience.

Yamaha Music Europe met the artist in Spain during the European-tour of his latest project ‘Children of The Light,’ a band he co-leads with John Patitucci and Brian Blade. In an intense interview, Pérez talks about the special connection to this instrument that he experiences with the Yamaha premium pianos. In addition, he speaks about the mission that he attaches to his music.

‘Music is in every aspect of our life. It helps us in finding answers about the question who we are.’

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