Touring in Support of Debut Solo Album

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Wednesday August 01, 2018

From The Albuquerque Journal

Deva Mahal touring in support of her debut solo album
By: Adrian Gomez

Deva Mahal was born with blues in her blood.

The daughter of legend Taj Mahal, she is working to find her voice in music. After years as part of a duo and backing up other legendary singers, Mahal is on the road singing the tunes from her solo album, ‘Run Deep.’ ‘It’s a mixture of stuff,’ she says of the album. ‘Some of the songs I’d been working on for a long time, and some of them I wrote for the album. A lot of the songs are built up through the past couple of years. That was the creative process. I did a couple months of working through ideas, and then we figured out which songs were making the album.’

[…] ‘The messages are very apathetic in the current temperature,’ she says. ‘I’m influenced by good music and by friends and family ‘” also, what is going on in the world. Basically, life is my influence. All of the facets of it.’

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