Strumming Through the Apocalypse With Punch Brothers

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Thursday July 26, 2018

From Billboard

Chris Thile Talks Strumming Through the Apocalypse With Punch Brothers
By: Will Schube

There’s also a stark divide between the people that traditionally consume bluegrass music and the men in the Punch Brothers. This is red-state music made by liberal men. This is something Thile is interested in on All Ashore, trying to find some sort of common ground between the world he occupies and the others he occupies it with. ‘There’s stuff on this record that’s both very close to home and very, very far from home, but it all comes from this place of trying to figure it out, trying to come to terms with what’s going on both personally and globally,’ Thile says.

With all of the change in the lives of these men, as well as the world around them, this is still very much a Punch Brothers record. It’s a bluegrass album, but to label this quartet as anything at all is severely limiting. They’re just the Punch Brothers, a great band figuring out how to exist in a decidedly not great era.

Below, Thile talks to Billboard about running away from politics, being in a band full of parents, and the limitations of being called a bluegrass band.

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