BIGYUKI Reaches for the Stars

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Friday July 20, 2018


BIGYUKI Reaches For the Stars, With a Celestial Strain of Synth-Jazz, on The Checkout
By: Simon Rentner

BIGYUKI, born Masayuki Hirano in Japan, looks up to the stars. His modern synth-jazz suggests a cosmic aesthetic. And he has aligned himself with other luminous artists, from Meshell Ndegeocello to A Tribe Called Quest. Hirano says he tries to make his music ‘as accessible as possible,’ with the intention of attaining a measure of stardom for himself.

[…] Last November BIGYUKI released Reaching For Chiron, a sonically immersive album with contributions from vocalists Chris Turner and Bilal. We’ll delve into that futuristic recording as well as Hirano’s fascinating background: how he found a path to the jazz tradition through the late pianist Kenny Kirkland, and how learning Chopin on his teacher’s lap as a kid informed his evident physicality on the keyboards.

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