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Sunday April 11, 2010

Brad Mehldau Trio: Kingston, Canada April 11, 2010

By John Kelman

Brad Mehldau Trio
Grand Theatre
Kingston, Canada
April 11, 2010

When a trio has been together as long as pianist Brad Mehldau’s’“the current incarnation, with original bassist Larry Grenadier and relative newcomer (but no stranger to either of his band mates), drummer Jeff Ballard, has been together for over five years, first heard on Day is Done (Nonesuch, 2005)’“it’s hard to imagine any gig being a bad gig. But time and place can still sometimes coalesce to create a context where a group can transcend even its greatest creative consistencies, and Mehldau’s performance at the Grand Theatre in Kingston, Canada on April 11, 2010 was one such occasion.

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