Her Name is Her Story

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Thursday June 21, 2018

From Times Union

SPAC fest singer Jazzmeia Horn’s name is her story
By: R. J. DeLuke

Kismet or hard work?

Singer Jazzmeia Horn has been on a wild ride over the last few years. She transformed from a young musician studying her craft and carving out a career in New York City to having her first recording nominated for a Grammy. In April she was named Up and Coming Musician of the Year by the Jazz Journalists Association. “It’s wonderful. I’m really grateful,” she said of a career that is taking her around the world. “It’s very exciting.”

Though she came from a musical family, jazz wasn’t on her map.

“I was in high school,” she said. “One of my professors said, ‘Your name can’t be Jazzmeia Horn and you not know much about jazz.’ So he gave me this CD with a bunch of different singers on it and said, ‘Check this out and tell me what you think.’” That led to an investigation of the art form, sowing the seeds of a blossoming career.

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