Jazzmeia Horn Shines Light on Social Injustice

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Sunday May 27, 2018

From The Post and Courier

Jazzmeia Horn’s vocal jazz shines light on social injustice
By: Andrea Henderson

At 27 years old, Jazzmeia Horn is the youngest musician to be nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Jazz Vocal Album in the past 20 years. But for Horn, who lists such jazz legends as Sarah Vaughan and Betty Carter as musical influences, age has nothing to do with her seasoned voice.

The sophisticated vocals on the Dallas native’s acclaimed debut album, last year’s ‘A Social Call,’ infuse covers such as ‘East of the Sun (and West of the Moon)’ and ‘Up Above My Head’ with a soulful combination of power and love.

[…] Authenticity can be heard throughout ‘A Social Call,’ with its spoken-word passages addressing such topics as racism, police brutality and education.

‘I always try to get the audience to sing along with me on a song, which is reminiscent of call-and-response that you see in the black church,’ she said. ‘And the message that they sing is always healing.’

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