Jazzmeia Horn Evokes Old-School Vocalists

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Saturday May 26, 2018

From Charleston City Paper

Jazzmeia Horn’s debut album evokes old-school vocalists
By: Vincent Harris

To fans of old-school vocalists like Ella Fitzgerald or Nancy Wilson, the 2017 debut album by Dallas’ Jazzmeia Horn, A Social Call, must seem heaven-sent. Horn’s control and range are absolute wonders; she can scat with playful precision, swoop from a commanding lower vocal tone to a deceptively light upper register, and she can soar over a simple upright bass-and-piano backing (as on “East Of The Sun (West Of The Moon)”, or a brassy big band (“Up Above My Head”) with equal ease. For a first album, the level of skill and confidence Horn displays is stunning.

[…] “I learned that if you just be yourself, people will really appreciate your music,” she says. “I learned to be authentic and trust myself.”

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