Brad Mehldau Trio - Seymour Reads the Constitution!

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Monday May 14, 2018

From The Arts Desk

CD: Brad Mehldau Trio – Seymour Reads the Constitution!
By: Matthew Wright

From Bach to the Beach Boys in three months. Though the right side of 50, pianist and bandleader Brad Mehldau has released 35 albums in over 25 years. In the Nineties, as a twenty-something, he recorded a five-volume series of albums with the title Art of the Trio. Today, he’s probably the best known improvising pianist after Keith Jarrett. No one can accuse him of a lack of ambition or confidence. On the evidence here, it’s born of a great inspiration and gift. This is sumptuous, collective improvisation of the highest order.

[…] Mehldau’s stylistic range is astonishing. Within the space of a few bars he will traverse genres and generations. He has the energy and caprice of a Jarrett, but also the sophistication of Ellington, the blues of Silver, the pugnacity of Monk, sometimes all in the same piece. It’s so good, it sounds effortless. Accepting that this is formally quite a conservative collection, it’s a consummate statement. Gorgeous.

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